As an explorer, by submitting your reviews or comments on other reviews you will receive credits.
Credits accumulated can be redeemed at any time for the rewards we have on offer.

Explore offer a diverse range of rewards including the following:

– Fish & Chip Dinner- 2 reviews
– Green Fees- 5 reviews
Dining at American Brasserie- 6 reviews
– Make-over´s- 7 reviews
– Fine dining at luxurious beach club- 8 reviews
– Spa Vouchers at 5 star spa- 10 reviews
– Membership at a premium gym- 12 reviews
– Photographic sessions- 15 reviews
– Weekend accommodation in a luxury local hotel- 25 reviews
– VIP Tickets for premiership football in the UK- 50 reviews
– 5 days full accommodation for 2 in a 5 star resort in St Lucia- 100 reviews
Other rewards will be added to the site and notified in our regular newsletters.

For specific details of rewards we have on offer or any questions please email