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There is nothing more frustrating when going out for dinner than waiting to be served. Sometimes, we can go to a nice restaurant or bar, take a seat and wait, and wait to be attended… in some places it can take ages! but we found the perfect solution, Appedir is the one!.

My wife and I went to Málaga for dinner last week and we realized that many restaurants had a QR code showed in their front doors and a very original logo accompanying it. We sat down in one of them and asked what was all this about. We were explained that it is a new application very popular, very easy to use and very effective to avoid these frustrating waste of time waiting to be attended. And he was right, it was really easy to use, we had just to use our mobile phones, scan the QR code printed in their menú, and the whole menu appeared in our screens!

Once the menú was on our mobiles, everything was really easy. We had just to choose our drinks, starterts and main courses, and the head waiter received the order printed in a very small printer that he was carring with him!!! After just 2 minutes since we sat down, we had the waiter coming to our table bringing the drinks we ordered and to double check with us if the starters and the main courses were correct! It was amazing, when choosing our food, we had many options like how cook we liked our steak, how spicy, what dressing for the salad…. and many more!!!

I have also heard that some of the restaurants in Marbella and Puerto Banus are also starting to use this application, and i can´t really wait to find it everywhere, as it is a great idea, it saves time for the customers, time for the waiters and it makes life just easier!!! a really good one to recommend…


ES-29601 Marbella, Malagá

0034 665 219 646 | info@appedir.com

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