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A trip to Thailand is always a popular choice at the start of the New Year for those seeking to escape the cooler Andalusian days and get a fix of winter sun. Unfortunately, not all of us can afford to spend the money or time away from our daily business. So what better way to transport you to the exotic pastures of South East Asia than a top Thai meal? And we kid you not, the food at new restaurant Top Thai in Centro Plaza is so authentic that if you close your eyes, you can almost imagine yourself sitting on a busy street in Bangkok or at a beach bar in Koh Phi Phi, looking out on an expanse of glistening aquamarine water.

As is always the way when eating in a group, the best way to proceed is with a sharing platter starter and Top Thai’s version, which included Prawn Toast, Spring Roll with Chicken, Beef and Chicken Satay Skewers and Prawn Spring Rolls did not disappoint. The assortment of dips accompanying the platter perfectly complimented the crispy starter bites, the chicken spring roll served with a honey dip was particularly popular and caused a bit of a ruckus when it came down to deciding who deserved the last one.

Dishes cleared and the chicken spring roll dispute settled, we moved on eagerly to the main event. I opted for a Red Thai Curry with Prawns, which was served with Sticky Rice. With every mouthful I was treated to a large juicy prawn, sweet cherry tomato and fragrant lychee, all soaked in the exquisite red curry soup. Another Thai classic – Tom Kha Gai – was ordered by one of my dining partners; bathed in a creamy coconut sauce, the chicken in this dish was deliciously tender. Others in the group decided on Grilled King Prawns with Thai Sauce, which was a delicious blend of chili and lime and made the perfect partner for the tasty prawns.  But ultimate food envy was granted to one lucky individual on the table when his main course arrived – Ped Top Thai. This roasted duck option was a mouth-watering combination of soft meat and crispy skin, dished up with a honey and tamarind sauce. And finally (we couldn’t resist) we ordered the staple dish, Pad Thai to share among us. Rich in ingredients, the egg noodles, crunchy vegetables, prawns, crushed peanuts and lime were coated in a sweet tamarind sauce.

Main courses finished and food coma fast approaching, we thought it wrong not to go for at least a couple of desserts. The Mango and Sticky Rice was splendid, while the Cold Fruit Platter was refreshing and thirst quenching. Then the godfather of all desserts – Banana Fritters coated in honey and served with creamy vanilla ice cream provided the perfect finish. The crispy fritter encasing the soft banana was a match made in heaven.


So with the final slurp of Strawberry Daiquiri – yes, Top Thai also serves up exotic cocktails with the most flamboyant of fruit decorations – we had to be reminded that we were, in fact, still in Southern Spain. We did not need a tuk tuk to get home nor was a deep-sea dive planned for the following morning, but our meal at least was the closest we had come to being on the Asian continent this year, so for that we congratulate you Top Thai.

Top Thai Restaurant

Centro Plaza 64, Avd. Manolete 1
ES-29660 Nueva Andalucía, Marbella, Malaga

0034 951 319 778 |

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  1. Zoe Peters says:

    Top of the Thais. Me and my mum visit here every Saturday without fail and it’s always amazing. Can anyone recommend a good Chinese though as the only one we have found to be any good is overpriced?

  2. anonymous says:

    Kiosk at the end is better

  3. cj says:

    Alan’s Chinese in Benavista is really nice and not expensive at all. Most people I know choose to go there over any other Chinese

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