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Sláinte – Your Good Health!

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When Irish sports bar Slainte first opened its door back in December 2014 for a launch party that featured Irish dancers and free flowing Guinness, a ripple of excitement spread among residents and tourists of the Costa del Sol. Its optimum location (Slainte is situated on Calle Manolete above the MGM Gym) makes the venue a sure-fire hit, but what about the all important food factor?

Myself and a group of friends headed into the gastropub to put Slainte’s classic pub grub menu to the ultimate test. With walls painted a patriotic tweed green, brown rustic chesterfield armchairs and sepia photographs, Slainte is an inviting option for the soon to come cold winter’s night. We piled in and set up camp at one of the booths, which boasts its very own HD plasma TV. In fact the layout of Slainte is such that wherever you are sitting, you will have an uninterrupted view of whatever football game or boxing match is being aired thanks to the impressive twenty-odd plasma TVs that make up the venue.

It seemed rude not to order a round of Guinness for everyone in the party so we do just that and begin to peruse the menu. It is clear that Slainte’s owners want to celebrate hearty Irish classics with their menu, which features plates such as Fisherman’s Pie and Steak & Kidney Pie. With a luxurious sip of Guinness, I make up my mind and order a FullRack of Ribs with Hickory BBQ sauce for the main course. My partner in Guinness-fuelled crime opts for the Nachos (we decide to share a starter between us) and the delicious sounding, creamy Fisherman’s Pie.

Aside from the plasma screens that adorn the walls, Slainte also consists of a crèche for children, a pool table and an open kitchen, which allows guests to view their food as it is being prepared. The Nachos are very tasty; a generous dollop of guacamole, sour cream and melted cheese makes every mouthful of tortilla chips a gastronomic joy!

We proceeded onto the main event, as a pie dish brimming with fluffy cheddar mash and oozing a creamy white sauce arrives at the table. Filled with copious amounts of salmon, cod and prawns, the Fisherman’s Pie is the ultimate winter warmer. The Rack of Ribs is stacked up into a decadent tower of sticky BBQ sauce and succulent meat. They taste excellent and find the perfect partner in a newspaper-lined pot of chunky chips and homemade coleslaw.

The dessert options are just way too tempting, so we request the Vanilla Cheesecake and Apple Crumble with Custard. These sweets do not disappoint. The hefty hunk of Cheesecake is surprisingly light and is consumed in an instant. The Apple Crumble provides the perfect finish with its hard crunchy topping and soft sweet apple under layer. It is the perfect size too –neither overwhelmingly large nor frustratingly small. We are seriously impressed; with its flawless service, laidback ambience and – most importantly – top pub grub. The only thing left on our to do list is to return to the restaurant for its much spoken about Sunday Lunch. We asked our waiter to book us in but he tells us they are fully booked for the following Sunday so we make sure to confirm the table for the weekend after. Until next time Slainte thanks for having us. Oh, and one more Guinness for the road!


CL Manolete CC Iberico 7 Nueva Andalucía
ES-29601 Marbella, Malagá

951 279 314 |

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