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Sometimes, dear reader, you can get tired of 5 star Michelin restaurants. You know, the kind of place where the chef has to be treated with the kind of reverence normally reserved for visiting Vatican clergy. The atmosphere has the hushed tones of a morgue and to be be honest, the diners look like they would have more fun in the former. And of course the bill is normally more than the GDP of an emerging Far East nation.


Talking of Far East nations (I don’t just throw this stuff together you know. There IS a link) I was taken to a Filipino restaurant last week my my ex (she’s from Mindanao. Goggle it if you don’t know where is is). Being taking to a restaurant by your long suffering ex could be something of a dilemma (is she going to ask the chef to poison my main course? Or at least make the next morning an uncomfortable one )

But we popped into Pinoy, just behind the Post Office in San Pedro, and the first Filipino restaurant that I’ve been to in Marbella.


Pinoy has that definite “cafe” feeling to it. There are funky plastic table cloths, a huge Filipino National Flag on the wall and and even huger Flatscreen TV on the wall. Ask the waitress (no uniform here, just jeans, T shirt and enthusiasm) to turn the damn thing off, unless you are in a particularly kitsch mood and want to have your meal drowned out by Filipino TV. (I’d suggest a couple of stiff drinks beforehand if you do)


If you can fault the TV, you can’t fault the food. Main courses including Pancit, Gulay, Adobong Baboy and Lenchon Asado are only €3for a big plate, and there’s even a set menu that gives you a drink, main course and rice for €5.50. and if you aren’t feeling adventurous Pinoy have a range of sandwiches starting at €3.50 and a burger and chips deal for €5. With prices like that you could be tempted to settle back with a few Cruzcampos and stay until after work, when, judging by the well worn karaoke microphone, it gets quite lively!

Pinoy Bar Restaurant

Calle Pizarro 25
ES- San Perdo Alcantara, Malaga

0034 952 937 904 |

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