The perfect place for meat lovers

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Despite having only been open a couple of months, Vovem’s reputation for exquisite charcuterie is already the talk of the town. Vovem is a stylish steakhouse with a modern urban décor and a wonderfully relaxed and trendy vibe. Dark woods, stainless steel, glass windows, leather chairs and funky lighting, with an open kitchen, oak grill oven and all of its fresh produce on display – it’s both a culinary and visual work of art. The thing that hits you first is the smell! It’s out of this world! I’m not quite sure how they do this ‘oak grilling’ but it smells sensational.  Our starters were a mesmerising explosion of colours, tastes and aromas, each dish prettier and more exquisitely presented than the next.  The Steak is what Vovem’s reputation is built upon and I’m eager to find out if the hype is real. From Rib Eyes to Sirloin and Tenderloin cuts, aged from 11 months (Veal steaks) to 48 or 52 months old, the selection of steaks to choose from is endless. For lovers of luxury, the Bodega, ‘El Capricho’ is considered, according to the New York Times, to be the best meat in the world, then there is the famed beef of Japan; Wagyu, a Japanese national breed of Ox cattle and of course the pure bred black beef – Kobe. Other cuts included the Rack of Veal, Fresian Picanha, Ox Beef premium Picanha and even the Vovem hamburger. Our giant Rib-Eye Steak was served rare, red in the middle and wonderfully charcoaled, almost caramelised on the outside. Served on a slate board and sprinkled with crushed sea salt, the magnificent cut of beef was not cooked to everyone’s liking – but alongside the Steak came a piping hot smoking griddle, and those who fancied their meat medium-rare or medium were able to cook their slices of beef to the optimum cuissant. To say that the meat was delicious is an understatement. It really was sensational and the fatty rind of this particular cut keeps the meat moist and so full of flavour. The meat was served with Pimientos de Padron, the local Baby Green Peppers that had had been cooked on the charcoal in the fat of the Meat, and thinly sliced Potatoes, much like Crisps. We were also offered a choice of many different types of Mustard and Sauces and a selection of flavoured Sea Salts, which included Lemon, Charcoal and Mixed Herb Salts. Vovem’s delectable Cheesecake was the perfect desert. Creamy and fluffy Vanilla Cheese topping on a buttery Biscuit base, served with mixed Red Berries and a Berry Coulis this delightful dessert was extraordinarily presented alongside a giant fluffy cloud – I took one mouthful of the airy white puff – and it dissolved upon my tongue – a wonderfully sweet and grown-up version of Candy Floss! It was perfect!


C/ Las Yedras, s/n C.C. Odeon, lc 9-10 Nueva Andalucia
ES-29601 Marbella, Malagá

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