Lemmon? Yes you are…

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I’d heard lots of great things about Lemmon. How it was the most stylish bar-lounge in Marbella and was bringing a little cutting edge style to the Puerto Deportivo in Marbella. “Excellent” I thought to myself, flinging on a trendy jacket on my back and a random floozy on my arm. “I fancy being a little uptown stylie tonight and sipping cool drinks, listening to the latest sounds and hanging out with the trendsetters in town…”


Alarm bells should have gone off when I walked in and saw a few couples sitting on the terrace (the nightclub wasn’t yet open but the bar was). What I neglected to see was that none of the tables had drinks. There were a couple of guys watching the football on a flatscreen, and three people sitting at the bar, where a bored looking waitress was carefully arranging the ice cubes.


We grabbed a seat on one of the plastic sofas, which had back cushions but no seat cushions, and waited for the waitress. The speaker nearby blasted out Queen’s greatest hits while the heater opposite blasted us as well.


A few more couples came in. The music changed to Simple Minds (this was obviously an 80s CD). My arse began to freeze on the plastic. The waitress stayed behind the bar.


I turned around to wave. She was watching the football. A few more couples waved at her as well. The floozy was being grilled by the heater.


I think it was Huey Lewis and the News on the speakers that made up my mind. “Sod this” I said. “Let’s go”


On the TV, Messi scored…

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About the reviewer, Giles Brown

Based in Marbella since the mid 80s, Giles has been involved in all forms of the media for over 20 years, and as a magazine editor for national business and lifestyle publications his work has appeared in The Times, Daily Mail, Sunday Times Travel Magazine and City Player Magazine. With an unrivalled reputation as a professional lunch guest, Giles is an inevitable fixture on Marbella's social scene...
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