Gambrinus Airport Disaster

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Malaga Airport (or Costa del Sol airport as it now likes to be known) has transformed itself from a sleepy little regional airstrip – when my parents first flew here in the 80s they thought that they had been diverted – into a gleaming modern edifice, all steel tubing and glass. Inside the cavernous building there are a range of designer shops as well as the obligatory Dani Garcia La Moraga restaurant.

Downstairs at Arrivals, however, the story is slightlt different. Go there on a Friday afternoon as I did recently and you will be greeted with a vision of Stag and Hen party Hell. Groups of Brits, ranging from the half cut to the completely plastered, stagger blinking out into the  Spanish sun and the first bar that they come across, next to the Malaga Airport Meeting Point sign, is Gambrinus.

Now I’ve nothing against Gambrinus. They are a pretty decent chain and serve a mean Cruzcampo, which, brewed in Sevilla is the nearest we get in Marbella to a local pint. But the Malaga Airport branch is awful. I understand that there little they can do about the customers. It’s the first bar that the newly arrived and over refreshed see and so the terrace outside is crowded with the pissed either in matching T shirts (Normally with logos such as  “Shazza’s Hen Marbs 2012. Here cum the Girlz”), fancy dress (expect a Smurf or two or some bloke dressed as a baby) or Tiaras and Sashes. The overworked barman has the air of resigned desparation as he has a pull another 14 halves. But its the prices that make your eyes water. Five cañas and three tapas set us back €25, and the food was, in two words, bloody awful. I droped my tortilla and I’m sure that it bounced when it hit the floor.

Take my advice. If you are thirsting for a real bit of Spanish food and drink when you arrive and can hang on till Marbella, check out the Pilots Club bar next to the BP station at the Airport. Cold beer, freshly made food and resonable prices. Leave Gambrinus to the tourists

Gambrinus Malaga Airport

Malaga Airport Arrivals
ES-29000 Malaga, Malagá


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