El Vecino – Neigbourhood Watch Out!

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I was in one of those, let’s grab a something light and get out of here moods. The sun was shining and I was in San Pedro by the Church (I’m not particulary religious by the way but like to put a word in with the Big Man now and then). So El Vecino, just opposite the church, looked like a good bet with its large empty terrace


I sat down on the table, put my elbows on the table and put my arm in some type of sauce that was on it. The table hadn’t been wiped. I went into the main restaurant where a tall guy in a chef’s apron was having a beer and a fag. Great image.


When I got back from the toilet, the unsmiling waitress had wiped the table clean and plonked a couple of menus infront of us. Most of the dishes seemed to be at the 20 euro level and seemed to have the idea high level dining. I really wanted a club sandwich rather than a entrecote stake.


Most of the other tables had started to fill up with, by the look of it, pretty regular all day drinkers. More of a wine bar, and lots of it, than a restaurant, we weren’t made to feel at all neighbourly so gave El Vecino a miss…

El Vecino Restaurant

Plaza De La Iglesia No.2
ES-Malaga, 29670 San Pedro De Alcantara, Malaga

0034 951 913 573 |

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