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Cafeteria Marbella has been a Marbella institution since it first opened its doors in the 40s. Located on the corner of the Parque Alemada, Cafeteria Marbella was overhauled in 2010, which was long overdue. (The gents’ toilets were memorable for all the wrong reasons).

Now spruced up, CafeteriaMarbella is a well known meeting place and is easy to find with a taxi rank as well as a horse carriage rank for the tourists – though I’m still trying to work out why anyone, apart from undercover RSPCA officers, would want to take an open carriage ride around Marbella.

Cafeteria Marbella wasn’t exactly the most stylish place to begin with, so the makeover, all white and light and modern is an improvement in a sort of “Moraga” style way and the tapas look tasty enough.

But the big stumbling block is the service. Cafeteria Marbella may have updated its interior but they still have the same staff. A quick look across the terrace and you’ll notice that most of the waiters are pushing 70 and have worked their all of their lives – which means if the management fired them, their “Finequitos” (final payments) would be huge. The staff may have spent 50 years there but the service is the slowest in Marbella. And forgetfull. And you’ll grow stubble waiting for your bill to arrive. So not the place to go if you are in a hurry, and the coffee isn’t great either.

The Gents’ toilets have moved out of the Dark Ages though….

Cafeteria Marbella,  Marbella (next to the taxi rank) 

Cafeteria Marbella

Parque Alameda
ES-29601 Marbella, Malagá


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