Cafeteria Portillo – Miss this stop!

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It’s a long story but when I lived in Antequera and didn’t have a car – I lost it after a rather heavy night out and didn’t find it for three months – I was forced to get down to Marbella via public transport. This meant that I would zoom down on the super efficient AVE to Malaga, grab a coffee, tostada and more often than not a cheeky anis in the excellent cafe in Malaga bus station – where the waiters all knew me by name and then catch the Express coach to Marbella. All very civilized and rather fun, from what I can remember.

The journey back was a different affairm normally as I had to wait for the bus to Malaga and would normally kill time in the Cafeteria Portillo. And after five minutes there I would normally feel like killing myself. Noisy, dirty, with a TV competing with the slot machine in the corner, the surliest staff I have met for a long time and a dishwasher that looked like something hideous from “Saw”. The cafe also seemed to attract “interesting” characters (think Deliverance) plus the usual bunch of junkies giving you the old story about needing a euro to get home. And the tables outside hadn’t been wiped down since Franco died.

Avoid at all costs. There’s a modern, clean cafe just outside the station itself. Go there!

Cafeteria Portillo

Estacion Portillo de Marbella
ES-29600 Marbella, Malaga


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