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The past couple of years have seen many of Marbella’s bars and restaurants undergo radical changes. Old comfortable favourites, full of history and character have had their interiors – and some would say soul – ripped out and replaced with something more modern and bland. (Da Paulo in Puerto Banus, which once had a classic 70s black marble bar at the back is a classic example) So in this “Cuidad de Grand Lujo” that the  Town Hall would like us to believe that we are all living in – where we step off our superyachts into our supercars only pausing briefly to buy another designer bauble and sip a glass of champagne before heading off to our luxury villa in Sierra Blanca – it’s refreshing to find a place that is unashamedly “Old School”

Located across from the Farmacia next to the Alameda Park in Marbella, Cafeteria Monte Carlo is old style with a capital O. Any establishment that has photos of the food proudly displayed on the outside is never going to be cutting edge noveaux cuisine now, is it? There’s the obligatory TV in the corner blaring out the Spanish channels, hams hanging from the ceiling and a coffee machine permanently on the go. There are a couple of tables on the pavement if you fancy your coffee next to the passing traffic and the blue shirted waiters are happy to explain the menu del dia and tapas on offer (very good)

Try and avoid the toilets downstairs unless you are really desperate and if you are in a Las Vegas frame of mind, Monte Carlo is the place for you. As one half of the café is full of slot machines. This doesn’t make for the quietest dining experience, however….

Cafeteria Monte Carlo, Avda Ricardo Soriano, Marbella

Ricardo Soriano
ES-29601 Marbella, Malaga


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