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Essential gifts……….

If you know your essential oils you will probably know that the Young Living range is one of the highest quality and best on the market today.

I thought I knew my oils quiet well until I attended the Young Living Event at Shanti Som earlier this year. I was both educated and impressed. There are so many aspects to Young Living that I run a risk of boring you, but to say if you want the best and have the money you can do no better. The quality and range, from mood enhancing to home care products, from healing and nurturing to prevention of illness and disease, from baking with them to breathing with them, it’s very impressive.

There are two aspects to Young Living; the products and the business. The wide range of products have emerged from the foundations of precise essential oil production. The dedication to purity is evident; it’s a dedication from seed to seal. These oils are the result of specific environmental conditions which have been researched and scientifically assessed to produce the purest of oils. These oils are top of the range; they have depth, impact and are highly effective, not forgetting they smell divine, really divine.

The Young Living range which is constantly evolving the business is growing. Young Living is a environmentally conscious, progressive and forward thinking global company with ancient knowledge and wisdom at its core.

The business aspect to Young Living provides passion and knowledge for the customer and even job opportunities through the representatives they partner with. If you want to know what essential oils and blends will do, how and why they do it or in what ways you can apply and use them, ask anyone at Young Living and you will be astounded by what they tell you.

If you are looking for an alternative solution for body, mind or spirit, you have one. With an A to Z of oils and blends that can be applied locally, infused or eaten and by exploring the range of products from Young Living it’s not only a journey through the senses but a real education into the healing power of herbs, plants and flowers.

These oils are on my Christmas list and I’m really hoping that they find their way into my stocking.

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