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Growing up, you are taught the basics of make-up application and encouraged to explore what suits your face; from matching the perfect pink lipstick to your skin tone, to techniques that lengthen lashes and make your eyes pop. However, why is it that we are never taught what to do with our eyebrows and most importantly how to create the perfect shape, all my mother ever told me was do not over-pluck them! Thankfully, HD Brows offer the complete experience of transforming your brows in seven simple steps.

To begin, a consultation where the process was explained. My brows are more bushy tailed than bright eyed, so required quite a bit of work. No two eyebrows are the same with hairs growing in different directions on each, meaning precision is key. We discussed what colour would suit best, the final result being a dark brown to match my hair tone. As the appropriate shade was mixed, I relaxed on the therapist bed, and the tint was applied. Next was trimming, where mini HD Brows scissors were used to cut back any hairs that were too long to wax. Following this was the moulding section of the treatment, where hot wax was applied and effortlessly pulled off to create the trademark HD shape. If there were any flyaway hairs, threading would be used to remove the last stubborn ones. HD Brows Comfort Me soothing cream was applied to calm the skin, and followed with plucking to define the end shape. Finally the finishing section, where shading underneath using the HD Brows Palate enhanced the final shape, and created the overall celebrity look.

Whether 18 or 80, HD Brows is ideal for everything from creating the perfect arch to taming the more problematic brows all for an introductory offer of €25. This affordable 45-minute treatment, repeated every four to six weeks depending on the rate of hair growth, not only changes your face dramatically, but you are also taught how to maintain the perfect look at home.

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