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I’ve had loads of massages, different styles for different reasons. Hot stones, aromatherapy, Thai and Swedish but when my hip had been causing me some serious pain for too long I knew I needed a deep tissue massage, that’s when I came across Grant Foster.

We met at the Body Mind and Spirit festival and I found out that Grant is a martial arts enthusiast, an ex runner, a cyclist and very good body worker. I would say he knows bodies, how they work, why they don’t and how to heal. If you want a sports massage which works on both fascia and deep tissue, he’s your man. I had two sessions with him over a month and here I am six weeks later and forgetting that I even had a problem. Go Grant.

I met Grant at his stand at the Body Mind and Spirit event He made me feel welcome, comfortable and relaxed even in the open environment he was working in. Enough screens either side and careful positioning of towels gave privacy. I gather he generally makes house calls and I would guess from the number of times his phone buzzed he is a well sought after and busy man.  With the deft stokes of an experienced professional Grant worked on my back and into my hip whilst maintaining balance by working both sides of my body. The work to alleviate the pain in the hip caused some wincing and more than a few long deep breaths but at the end of the challenging session I could feel the difference as soon as I got off the couch. Session one, improvement, I was impressed.

Some weeks later I saw him at another event and quickly grabbed the opportunity to have another session.  After a chat about what had felt better and what wasn’t, it was face down, on the table working into and around the body. What I liked is second time around he used some different techniques and moves, he clearly knows his stuff and thinks his way round the body.

To get a good body worker you trust and believe in is a great asset, especially as you get older. Whether it’s because of a sports injury or just from living life I would recommend Grants healing hands.

Grant Foster

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ES-29601 Marbella, Malagá

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