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I woke up in anticipation of my flying/aerial yoga workshop. I have tried many forms of yoga and although Hatha yoga is for me the purest form of yoga I am aware it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Ever on the look out to experience new and different forms I had volunteered to attend.

Finding the very serine and beautiful Centro Santa Fe isn’t the easiest of tasks but well worth it when you get there. Situated in the poligino mainly inhabited by Rosy Laundry opposite Laguna Village, near Estepona, Centro Santa Fe is a surprising oasis in the semi industrial setting you initially find yourself in.

Walking into a large bejewelled space with a Moroccan skyline painted on the walls, inspiring quotes & pictures this space has been lovingly nurtured and enhanced by its latest overseer, Swiss born Gabriella Mensch. It has an earthy feel, beauty without glamour, pure heart, you can feel the energy pulsating all around you as you venture in.

Petra the aerial yoga instructor is all that you would imagine a yoga teacher to be, lithe and toned with an aura that radiates peace and serenity. We were guided up the adorned stair case to the first level and introduced to the equipment and props we would be using over the next couple of hours. Bright rugs, blankets, cushions, our yoga mats and the beautifully colourful, lavish yoga harnesses.

Having secured the harnesses on the lowest setting Petra encouraged us to explore our new and unusual surroundings. While we doing so Petra lit the candles and some incense, quietly setting the scene. The harnesses are rather like silk parachutes, folds and folds of fabric which I found out very quickly can create a cocoon.  So there I was on a Saturday morning having left a noisy house full of children, swinging gently, feeling supported and embryonic /child like listening to soft melodic music in my own peaceful cocoon…..heavenly…I found myself feeling both free and nurtured, and I had only just got into the contraption!

The 2 hour workshop started with gentle movements on the lowest settings, movements designed to loosen joints and give a feeling of confidence as we explored what we felt comfortable to do. As the workshop progressed as did our elevation and exploration of ourselves; supported postures of backbends, forward bends, inversions and twists through to the experience of complete turns, the sense of freedom and release increased.

I have to say as a form of yoga I would need more convincing and would gladly attend more sessions. Did I enjoy it, mostly yes, although at times the fabric around my ankles, hips and neck was a little more than uncomfortable but with more padding in the form of leg warmers, a positive mind set and more experience with the contraption I am sure I would attain the grace and apparent ease of movement that Petra displayed.

I have to admit that the best bit for me was at the end, when we returned to the cocoon-like pod. To just hang/lie in peace but Petra had a last gem to add to this interesting form of physical exploration and expression. Whilst lying there listing to the music, eyes closed, gently swaying, she came by us all and placed blankets and hot stones on parts of our bodies. The aroma of lavender drifting in the air, the heat of the stones, the sway of the harness, the music, this was so worth it. It was hard to leave.

When I did eventually leave I did so with a feeling of openness in my heart , freedom in my throat and general  lightness to my being, all good. Pity I had to head back home to a house full of 11 year old boys!

Would I go again Yes. Having done the introductory workshop it will be a class for me next…

Centro Santa Fe

El Padron
ES- Estepona, Malagá

0034 610 938 203 |

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