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You Spin me right round

I had only ever attended a spin class once before and that was some years ago and it wasn’t by choice!  However with a dislike of running I was at a loss as to how to tone up and increase my cardio when a friend suggested I try the spin classes at Buddha gym. Although it’s predominantly a Spanish gym, I was able to secure my membership, check out the changing facilities and headed off downstairs to the Spin class. It was 9.15, the class wasn’t due to start for another 15 minutes and the compact studio was packed. Some friendly faces greeted me and helped me with the equipment, showing me how to adjust my seat and handlebars. It was 9.30 am on a Tuesday morning and I had a big bottle of water, my towel and more than a few nerves. I am not fit, and first classes are always the worst, what to do, how to do it and thinking do I really want to be here? Dessie the instructor arrived acknowledged my new face and checked out my ‘bike’, all was well, there was no turning back.

The lights were turned down, the room was dim, the music started playing and the session started. From warming up and gentle cycling through to a workout that I didn’t know I was capable of,  Dessie took us on a journey of increasing intensity building the class with her beautiful choice of music and her well thought out work out. In short it was an amazing buzz. I loved it; I was amazed at what I could do given how unfit I was. From that first lesson I was hooked. The combination of lighting, music and adrenalin got me, it was like working out while being at a club but more than that it was Dessies very clever choreographing that struck me. Her choice of music was a pleasure to listen to and her instructions built up my stamina, capability and desire to achieve.

I went 3 to 4 times a week for about a month, I lost weight and got the best toned legs and bum I had ever had. Although Dessie only teaches once a week her husband and another teacher covered the other days, and the change in instructors worked well. Her husband was nearly as good, some say better but I guess its horses for courses.

If you want to lose weight, like music and appreciate good instruction, check out this little rough diamond of a gym. Glamorous it’s not, effective with great friendly classes it is with the opportunity to meet some of the lovely local Spanish ladies and learn a little of it too…..arriba….rapido….vamos… a great way to kick start your day.

Monthly membership of 50 euros and class card passes are available.

Buddha Gym

C/ Revuelta, Locales 16-18, Cancelada
ES-29688 Estepona, Malagá

0034 952 90 40 71 |

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