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Tanino » (Save Your Money)

Tanino?!…maybe not


A group of us decided to go for a nice meal for the birthday of one of our friends. We though of Tanino as the general review was of a lovely atmosphere and good food, unfortunately we did not had the same experience. Not only we sat and waited for our table for over 45 […]

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La Ola » (Save Your Money)

Glad to wave goodbye


Sunday afternoon scouring the passeo for a new restaurant serving barbecue seabass. Sunny but breezy, gently blowing the cobwebs away  lovely ! Just beneath Garum in Marbella lies “La ola” suitably busy and the small barbecue boat was already boasting a fine array of  sardines and dorada. 5 minutes later toes in sand we choose […]

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VTV Edus Apartments » (Accommodation, Save Your Money)

VTV Edus Apartments


I’m a big fan of Tarifa. Sea, sand and enough hippie chic surf babes to keep a bearded beach bum like myself happy for days. So when I got a few days off last summer, I decided to hit the Costa de la Luz. Normally I’ll throw a futon in the back of the Freelander […]

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Gambrinus Malaga Airport » (Restaurants, Save Your Money)

Gambrinus Airport Disaster


Malaga Airport (or Costa del Sol airport as it now likes to be known) has transformed itself from a sleepy little regional airstrip – when my parents first flew here in the 80s they thought that they had been diverted – into a gleaming modern edifice, all steel tubing and glass. Inside the cavernous building […]

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Cafeteria Portillo » (Restaurants, Save Your Money)

Cafeteria Portillo – Miss this stop!


It’s a long story but when I lived in Antequera and didn’t have a car – I lost it after a rather heavy night out and didn’t find it for three months – I was forced to get down to Marbella via public transport. This meant that I would zoom down on the super efficient […]

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Cafeteria Marbella » (Restaurants, Save Your Money)

Life in Slo Mo


Cafeteria Marbella has been a Marbella institution since it first opened its doors in the 40s. Located on the corner of the Parque Alemada, Cafeteria Marbella was overhauled in 2010, which was long overdue. (The gents’ toilets were memorable for all the wrong reasons). Now spruced up, CafeteriaMarbella is a well known meeting place and […]

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El Vecino Restaurant » (Restaurants, Save Your Money)

El Vecino – Neigbourhood Watch Out!


I was in one of those, let’s grab a something light and get out of here moods. The sun was shining and I was in San Pedro by the Church (I’m not particulary religious by the way but like to put a word in with the Big Man now and then). So El Vecino, just […]

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» (Nightlife, Restaurants, Save Your Money)

Lemmon? Yes you are…


I’d heard lots of great things about Lemmon. How it was the most stylish bar-lounge in Marbella and was bringing a little cutting edge style to the Puerto Deportivo in Marbella. “Excellent” I thought to myself, flinging on a trendy jacket on my back and a random floozy on my arm. “I fancy being a […]

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Wok Wang » (Restaurants, Save Your Money)

All you can eat, at an expense


Situated on the ground floor of Plaza del Mar, right on the Paseo, Wok Wang offers an elaborate Asian buffet featuring Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Thai cuisine. A variety of hot and cold starters are available including classic Asian appetizers such as sushi, salads and soups. The main dishes are cooked in front of you at the wok station allowing you to personalize […]

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Wasabi Sushi » (Restaurants, Save Your Money)

High priced Sushi


Located in the commercial centre Puerta de Banus, Wasabi is conveniently situated between Nueva Andalucia and Puerto Banus. I am the ultimate sushi fan, so am having difficulties critiquing Wasabi. I love the sushi they serve, it just saddens me when I notice the prices they charge.

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