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Pan y Mermelada


I work near this cafe and keep hoping service will improve.. its dire 🙁 and considering the prices are so high (even for golden mile) I would expect that they could aford enough staff to at least relieve me of my money in a more timely fashion tried complaining to the owner “laura or lauren” […]

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Delish » (Restaurants, Save Your Money)

Expect delays in Delish


Where do Marbella locals head when we need something quick and tasty to eat? Well for a while now the answer for me has been Delish but not any longer! Do these people actually understand the concept of service?! I have seen so many people just ignored, simply blanked, it’s like they are doing you […]

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Taberna Volapié Banús » (Restaurants, Save Your Money)

It’s a no for Volapié


Whilst walking through Puerto Banús the other day, my friend and I came across a sweet little restaurant which looked quite like a fancy tapas bar. I loved the rustic decor and over all look of the place, with its wooden blinds, beer barrel stools and bottle decorations on the ceiling. We had a look […]

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Alferini Golf Course » (Entertainment, Lifestyle, Save Your Money)

Ripoff Round


How is alferini golf course 120 euro a round ? With unkempt bunker surrounds and scruffy tee boxes !! Has anyone else played here recently ? We were a group of 8 guys paying g a 1000 euro! Won’t be back. Where is good ??

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De Medici Restaurant » (Restaurants, Save Your Money)

De Medici


This restaurant was recommended To us by a friend in our community. I’ve been twice as I couldn’t believe first time could possibly be as bad again. It was!! Poorly presented and average service and no other diners! apparently just changed hands. My advice wait until it changes again before wastin your money

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Mistral Beach » (Restaurants, Save Your Money)

Misserable Mistral Beach


Most Chiringuitos in Spain are nice little beachside restaurants where you can go with your family after a day soaking up the sun on the beach and be able to eat some nice fresh food without having to pay an extortionate amount of money. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case when we decided to go to […]

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Restaurante El Reloj » (Restaurants, Save Your Money)

El reloj


El Reloj is situated on the corner of a pretty sidewalk in the midst of Orange Square.  Upon our visit it was bustling outside with most tables filled and a whole host of waitresses milling around. We were lured to El Reloj for quite a few reasons, it offered free wi fi and the location […]

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La Cala Resort » (Health & Beauty, Save Your Money)

La Cala Resort Spa


I had quite a bad experience here when I had been booked in for a facial and a massage. The setting is lovely and the spa seemed very slick and professional. When I arrived for my appointment, I received a phonecall from my husband saying that my very young son had been taken ill. I explained to the […]

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Guayaba Beach Club » (Restaurants, Save Your Money)

Stress on the Beach


Being a full time resident here in Marbella for over a decade, I have learnt that certain restaurants are “keepers” while others are only present to take full advantage of the tourist season and have no interest in client loyalty nor repeat business. It still surprises me that any business can run with this mentality […]

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Hotel Villa Padierna » (Accommodation, Save Your Money)

Bad Pad


So they say this place is a palace, amazing customer service, impeccable presentation..well that depends on who you listen to  my  own experiences and those of my friends  were somewhat different Breakfast. Try asking a plate of fruit salad. Regardless the season, your appearance or the mood of the staff, the only thing you will […]

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