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La Venencia » (Restaurants, We Recommend)

A taste of Andalucia at La Venencia


There are three restaurants in the Bodega La Venencia group in Marbella. The eateries are always bustling with locals, a great indicator of the quality and substance of the restaurant. At each location, you can dine inside or out on the streets, truly involved in the hustle of traditional Spanish lifestyle.

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Bollywood Indian » (Restaurants)

Currying Favour


Indian food is one of the most flavourful delicacies the world knows. The aromas and fusion of herbs and spices present us with a range of dishes; from very spicy meals, to more demure flavours. Bollywood Indian Restaurant offers a mouth-watering selection of innovative and contemporary Indian dishes that blend delicate flavours and light textures, prepared using the very finest ingredients.

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Bora Bora Beach Club » (Restaurants)

Beachside bliss


Wowed by the grandeur of this stunning location on arrival, I repeatedly asked myself why I had waited so long for my first dining experience here. However, there is much more to Bora Bora than simply enjoying its delicious cuisine; there is the enticing pool area, an abundance of relaxing seating areas and, of course, the Mediterranean sea.

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Amapola Restaurant and Lounge Bar » (Restaurants)

A Molecular Marvel


Amapola Restaurant, in the heart of the old town of Marbella, is one of those hidden gems. You would never expect to have a restaurant with such talented chefs and diverse cuisine to be located here on the coast. Thankfully Amapola is here to stay and is looking forward to your custom.

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Zozoi Restaurant » (Restaurants)

Charming retreat in Marbella Old Town


If you are a Zozoi fan, you won’t need to read on any further, as you already know what’s coming. You’ll have already had the luck of experiencing the amazing treats that lay in wait for me at this hidden gem of a restaurant, tucked away in Marbella Old Town. For those of you who are Zozoi virgins, as I was not so long ago, I am willing to bet you’ll be hot-footing it down there to give it a try after reading this.

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El Gran Gatsby » (Restaurants)

One of the best views on the coast


In the heart of Puerto Banús, this luxurious restaurant and lounge dance bar offers breathtaking panoramic views of the port, superb cuisine and an ambience like no other. A vanguard concept of the Mediterranean kitchen, El Gran Gatsby proposes a dining experience with a difference. The exclusivity of the location is key; what’s not to like about the striking blue sky, luscious palm trees and opulent boats bobbing in the Med?

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Ocean Club » (Restaurants)

Internationally acclaimed cuisine


Marbella is home to one of Europe’s most spectacular beach side venues – Ocean Club. Set in the glorious surroundings of the fashionable Puerto Banús, the club offers an unprecedented level of luxury.

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Tikitano Beach Restaurant and Lounge » (Restaurants)

Beautiful views, perfect for dinner and events


The first thing that hits you when you arrive at Tikitano Beach Restaurant and Lounge is its setting. Situated right on the beach, with uninterrupted views of Gibraltar and Africa, it is a place of beauty where you can gaze out over the Mediterranean Sea for hours. With space available to lounge in the comfortable seating area, intimate tables for those of you in love and outdoor decking for sunny days and balmy nights, Tikitano caters for any experience.

Read more Aug 22, 2011
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