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Down with Black and white


One of my most frequent gripes about Puerto Banus (apart from the fact that the Town Hall seem to think that it’s on a par with Monte Carlo or Portofino, blinkered to the fact that there are stag and hen parties running riot and wall to wall street hookers on the second line) is that […]

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Livin La Vida Locos!


If there was ever a bar that should have an “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here” sign above the door, then it’s Locos. I’ve been going for over 20 years now, and over that period of time Locos has seen me in all kinds of moods. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly! While […]

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The Original Banús Bar


A Puerto Banus institution Sinatra’s opened in the mid 70s on the corner by the entrance to the Port of Abuse, and has been a firm favourite with locals and visitors alike since then. In summer you have to fight your way past the tourist hordes standing outside, as well as the PR guys and […]

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Lemmon? Yes you are…


I’d heard lots of great things about Lemmon. How it was the most stylish bar-lounge in Marbella and was bringing a little cutting edge style to the Puerto Deportivo in Marbella. “Excellent” I thought to myself, flinging on a trendy jacket on my back and a random floozy on my arm. “I fancy being a […]

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The best cocktails on the Costa del Sol


Constructed in a manor of an 19th Century sailboat, Astral Cocktail Bar in Puerto Banus is one of those places where everyone flocks. It’s atmosphere, drink quality and décor is a firm favourite with locals and tourists. Complete with eight-meter mast and sail, timbered seats and tables, wonderfully oversized and reminiscent of the mad hatters tea party in Alice in Wonderland, this boutique bar can accommodate up to 150 people.

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Linekers Bar » (Nightlife)

Puerto Banus personified


Somehow Linekers has earned a reputation as one of the bars you MUST visit in Puerto Banus. It’s fair to say that the atmosphere is eclectic once inside, and being one of the biggest and busiest bars in Puerto Banus, you’re guaranteed to have a good time. A playground for Big Brother evictees, page three models and general Z listers, this bar is perfect for large groups looking to experience Puerto Banus at its best.

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Decadent affectation


Other than the shifty looking entrance, Funky Buddha is most certainly one of the better clubs in Marbella, particularly when the back terrace is open during the summer season. Centrally designed, all the tables and bars are directed towards the dance floor, eliminating some of the pretentious separation of VIP’s and non-VIP’s that many of the clubs along the coast propose.

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Moroccan haven


Walking down the narrow corridor I speculated what would appear when I emerged at the other end. Due to the exclusivity of the entrance, I envisaged an intimate, elite nightclub and restaurant, where Marbella’s epicureans enjoy lavish evenings, distanced from the touristic hustle and bustle of Puerto Banus. Thankfully, my imagination was somewhat correct and the establishment I entered was indeed a million miles away from the crowds filling the streets of Puerto Banus.

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