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So they say this place is a palace, amazing customer service, impeccable presentation..well that depends on who you listen to  my  own experiences and those of my friends  were somewhat different

Breakfast. Try asking a plate of fruit salad. Regardless the season, your appearance or the mood of the staff, the only thing you will ever get is a standard plate with 4-5 slices of different fruits that you must peel, chop and de-seed yourself. Croissants look like they have gone through some sort of flattening machine with a slice of cheese attached (comment by one of my friends), which I had a pleasure to confirm visually, i did not dare trying it myself.

Staff. I will only speak of the staff working on the terrace which is looking over the golf course, beautiful set up for a business meeting. During one of these meetings I have been trying to get attention of a waiter to get a glass of juice. Having my arm up in the air not wanting to interrupt the meeting, I finally gave up after 20 minutes and went to order myself. To my genuine shock, the waiter who I asked as to why nobody came to our table, replied “Can’t you see??? We are very busy here!”

Bookings. We had 3 consecutive bookings made with the hotel for different arrivals. Every single time we were called to the rescue by the clients as hotel had no records of any reservations, even though we received a reservation number each time.

Rooms. One of my collegues stayed at the hotel for 2 nights. She was severely bitten by the bed bugs. At first, she did not believe such possibility, but one can’t escape the truth. I personally saw her arms and legs bitten like if she has gone on a safari trip without protective clothing.

SPA. Same person that suffered the severe “biting” went to a SPA on the night of arrival. It was the first and the last visit mostly due to some sort of mutated cockroach running in circles in the shower area. Probably as scared as
my friend was.

First Lady of US villa. Personally my favourite topic. One of our clients booked the villa and stayed there with the family for approximately a week. On the first day we received at least 5 calls regarding dry cleaning not being picked up, room cleaning services and the staff unresponsiveness. Same person asked the reservation desk for the late check out due to a game of golf he had on that day. 11:30 next day we received a call as his wife and children were requested to vacate the villa to allow the next client to check in. To make the story short, after literally screaming and threatening everybody who picked up the phone, I managed to secure their stay until 15:00. Hotel until the last minute was claiming that our client never asked for the late check out and was demanding the name of the person who took the message to prove it. At around 13:30 I received a call from a hotel with the message that our client is having lunch whilst they had to go through a lot of trouble by calming down the next guest and serving him champagne and if I could hurry up my clients and get him out of the villa. At this point I have had enough and chose to completely ignore such request. Later same day we heard the story of our client who was sitting for the whole hour!!! in the restaurant whilst waiting to be served and being methodically observed by the management, who were literally spying on him by then.

If someone still thinks that Villa Padierna deserves the status of 6 or even 5 stars I would love to invite you for a most delicious breakfast at Finca Cortesin and tell you a few more juicy details, just for fun of it :)).

Marina Robertson


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