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Top Table at Top Thai restaurant

Top Thai Restaurant

A trip to Thailand is always a popular choice at the start of the New Year for those seeking to escape the cooler Andalusian days and get a fix of winter sun. Unfortunately, not all of us can afford to spend the money or time away from our daily business. So what better way to […]

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Masala on the Mile


Enjoying a privileged location in the heart of the Golden Mile, Masala is the Coast’s latest addition to its ever growing repertoire of high-quality Indian eateries. We started with a tandoori mushroom, which had been cooked to a delicate consistency in the tandoor oven and was delicately accompanied by a light yoghurt raita. I would […]

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Class Act

Albert & Simon

The innovative French cuisine at the renowned Albert y Simon restaurant in San Pedro is a unique, culinary experience which fuses flavourful, nutritious foods with beautiful presentation. Creating French food to this standard is an art form that takes a lifetime to master, yet requires that time stand still to appreciate its splendour. Ideally situated on […]

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Chowka » (Restaurants, We Recommend)

Mother’s Kitchen


Taking an extremely well known restaurant site, and injecting new life and colour into it is never going to be an easy task. Chowka, however, lives up to its predecessor the Polo House and then some. Head Chef Ravi Deulkar has done something special here, fusing local Spanish traditions of tapas and light bites with […]

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Umami Bar, Restaurant & Grill » (Restaurants, We Recommend)

Sense Sensations


At Umami, San Pedro’s latest trendy eatery, everyday ingredients are spruced up and transformed into spectacular, imaginative dishes. Located in the heart of town, this Scandinavian take on Nobu offers an eclectic range of Asian-influenced dishes, unexpected fusions of classic French and Japanese cuisine and a selection of Mediterranean inspired delights. A major player in […]

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Sea Grill » (Restaurants, We Recommend)

Beyond the Sea


The Sea Grill at Puente Romano has had the make over of make overs. The décor is simply out of this world making it one of the most stylish venues on the Coast. We were dining with some very experienced industry insiders and their opinion was unanimous, this beachside restaurant has a visual wow factor […]

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Sala Beach » (Restaurants, We Recommend)

Sala by the Sea – Superb!


The food at Sala beach exceeds all expectations! Rarely have I tasted Thai food as good as this and that includes Thai food in Thailand! There are other surprises too. I have never cared much for wasabi, it could have something to do with the tiny ball of it I mistakenly ate a few years […]

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Peggotty's » (Restaurants, We Recommend)

Fish ‘N’ Chip Perfection


Living on the Costa del Sol, we are almost stupidly spoiled where great fish and seafood restaurants are concerned. However, every so often the idea of a good old slap-up fish and chip night raises its head, so when it does, it’s good to know that we can rely on Peggotty’s to deliver the goods, […]

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Tuk Tuk » (Restaurants, We Recommend)

Tuk In


Tuk Tuk Asian Fusion restaurant offers culinary creativity at its best. Taking ingredients from across cultural boundaries and adding a touch of personal flair, the Tuk Tuk team creates dishes which reinvent classic Asian flavours with contemporary ingenuity. Since its glamour-heavy opening in June, the Marbella glitterati have flocked to this picturesque location in Aloha. […]

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Spend Your Money

Smallworld Just Got Bigger

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Save Your Money

Cafeteria Portillo – Miss this stop!

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